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Transformation 24/7

Personal development workshop

MISA Counselling Services’ Transformation 24/7  is a personal development workshop with a focus on assisting participants to understand and improve their emotion regulation.  The Transformation 24/7 Workshop is  delivered within a Compassion and Accountability based framework.

The Workshop content covers:

  • developing awareness of physical signs of emotions
  • understanding self through exploring personal values and Core Value
  • understanding the importance of compassion for self and others
  • understanding the importance of self-care
  • understanding relationship dynamics and self in relationship
  • developing strategies to resolve or manage conflict
  • bringing awareness to feelings of guilt, shame, fear, anxiety and resentment
  • forgiveness of self and others













Workshop Schedule

Next Scheduled Workshop: August 2022 (intake available now)

Costs: $450  

Intake: Please call and book an intake session on 3889 7312

Duration: 12 weeks on evenings 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Certificate:  Certificate awarded to participants who complete the Workshop as per the attendance requirements and guidelines.

To book a workshop consider:

  • your availability to comply with attendance guidelines
  • zoom workshops require a private home space for confidentiality
  • you will need to undergo a pre-workshop intake
  • your willingness to participate in a group setting
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