Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

Our Approach

Health care services must be flexible and responsive to the complex and unique access needs of men (AMA 2018), and MISA is responding by creating engaging men centric approaches that respond to these needs.

As the MISA values indicate we are excited about providing engaging and compassionate services for men, that place men in the centre of decision making. Additionally, we aim to value men, by acknowledging their current experiences and working with them collaboratively to achieve personal goals and improve their situations.

In particularly we provide male centric counselling, with a focus on strengths and the way forward. We deliver our transformation 24/7 workshop, which focuses on the development of personal skills and better decision making. In the future we will be looking to meet other emerging needs for men.

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About MISA

MISA supports men in difficult life situations, we walk with them to find a way ahead, even when the future seems bleak, and overwhelming. We invite men of different backgrounds, ages, and situations to access our counselling and support services in order to regain lost control, and build new direction into their lives.