Mens Information and Support Association Inc.


MISA would like to acknowledge its team of champion men and women who play a vital role in the development of MISA. Our champions are committed to supporting by applying their unique talents and skills. If you are interested in being a MISA champion please contact us but a friendly forewarning it does involve a reasonable amount of volunteer work, and you will have a highly responsible role in carrying the banner for MISA. As such you need to have the following attributes and resources:

  • A unique skill set to assist MISA
  • Time
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision and to timelines
  • A willingness to work to the MISA values.
Stuart: Community Networker 

Stuart is involved in MISA as a counsellor and a facilitator for the MISA Workshop. Stuart comes from a technology background and switched to organisations such as MISA and Lifeline. Stuart uses his networks to link MISA to community and local government groups and is passionate about working and supporting men.

D-Money: Film and Media

Also known as Declan Seefeld, D-Money is studying film and media and contributing to our podcast and image portfolio.

Declan: special projects 

Declan Curran is currently studying Economics however his entrepreneurial spirit is being put to good use as he develops a special gofundme product for MISA. In addition Declan works with good mate D-Money on digital media resources.

Carta: Marketing and digital development 

Carta Steenstrup is currently studying a Bachelor of Business: Marketing, Interactive & Visual Design. Carta provides advice on the design and technical development of MISA digital products (e.g. web site development) but is also contributing to strategic marketing plans and decisions. 

Mark: Business Promotion

Mark  is a jack of all trades, currently working for Volkswagen, but also running a DJ business and doing some volunteer counselling. He works to connect MISA to the business sector.