Men's Information and Support Association Inc.

Domestic Violence

Ravi’s story: from threatening outbursts

I was referred to MISA as my emotional outbursts and rage had been making the life of my family miserable. The workshop gave me an opportunity to look at myself, to be honest with myself, and practical steps to do the right thing by everyone

He’d been under a lot of stress and he thought things would get easier as he got older, but for Ravi raising a family with 3 teenagers reached a point he felt he was constantly “boiling”. What he was dealing with was a constant feeling of anxiety, and at the time, he didn’t even know it was there. Anxiety, stress, constant worries, are all feelings that may arise at some stage in our lives, and to recognise its impact on men, and their families, is an important first step.

When a concerned neighbour heard him yelling at his wife, fortunately for Ravi, a helpful police officer was called to his house and encouraged him to reach out and use MISA. Besides seeing a counsellor, he attended a personal development workshop for 12 sessions over 12 weeks. Whilst Ravi still has work to do, he found the experience incredibly helpful for understanding how anxiety was causing him to make bad decisions, and is now much better at managing his emotions.