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Separation: broken man to leading a fruitful life

The Counsellor reflected:

it was a pleasure to work with Jayden, he realised his ability to harness his personal and external resources to the point where he reached a satisfying outcome, where he now sees himself as leading a fruitful life.

Jayden (not real name) came to MISA at a time in his life when he was distraught, and literally a broken man. Exhausted and worn out from fighting “battles” on several fronts, in his own words he felt like he had “nothing left to give”. But he did, he had untapped resources, and now he has stabilised his personal situation, and is well on the way to a fruitful, meaningful and active life.

A father’s story of grief and reconnecting to family


It all started with me having a better relationship with myself.

My MISA experience was down to earth, I’d done some rotten stuff but I felt comfortable with the staff, and accepted right from the beginning. 

Grief and regret can be powerful experiences, but they can be faced. Nicholas requested 1:1 and family counselling to work through his grief and failure to do the right thing by his children when they were younger. After attending 1:1 counselling through his own efforts and work with the counsellor he soon established a much better understanding of himself. In his words “I’ve learnt to connect with myself, in a way that I’d never had before” Through hard work and persistence he’d established greater self awareness.

Ravi’s story: Threatening outbursts to better decisions

I was referred to MISA as my emotional outbursts and rage had been making the life of my family miserable. The workshop gave me an opportunity to look at myself, to be honest with myself, and  some practical steps to do the right thing by everyone.

He’d been under a lot of stress and he thought things would get easier as he got older, but for Ravi raising a family with 3 teenagers reached a point he felt he was constantly “boiling”. What he was dealing with was a constant feeling of anxiety, and at the time, he didn’t even know it was there. Anxiety, stress, constant worries, are all feelings that may arise at some stage in our lives, and to recognise its impact on men, and their families, is an important first step.

Denise’s Reachout story: A mother’s perspective

A friend of Denise’s knew about MISA and suggested she speak with MISA. Denise contacted the office and asked: 

“How do I get my son to get help, when he is hurting, but doesn’t want to ask for help?”  
(a concern held by many family members of men in distress)

Do mother’s and fathers stop being parental as the children grow into adulthood? In the case of Denise (not real name), she was stressed and concerned about her 40 yr. old son. He often seemed stressed, and self-absorbed, holding troubling concerns about his relationship, his children and his financial situation. He was also very unhappy with his career situation. Up to now, her efforts to reach out to him had been received with a lukewarm response. “Don’t worry mum, I’ll be right,” despite the signs indicating otherwise.

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