Mens Information and Support Association Inc.


A father’s story of grief and reconnecting to family


It all started with me having a better relationship with myself. I’d done some rotten stuff, but I felt comfortable with the staff and they accepted me right from the beginning.

Grief and regret can be powerful experiences, but they can be faced. Nicholas requested 1:1 and family counselling to work through his grief and failure to do the right thing by his children when they were younger. After attending 1:1 counselling through his own efforts and work with the counsellor he soon established a much better understanding of himself. In his words “I’ve learnt to connect with myself, in a way that I’d never had before” Through hard work and persistence he’d established greater self awareness:

  • a sense of self,
  • his personal hurts,
  • and the way he reacts with emotion and actions to those hurts,
  • and personal resources to manage these hurts

Nicholas was then ready for the next step of talking with his adult children. He then arranged for a few sessions with a qualified MISA family counsellor who facilitated a couple of family sessions. It wasn’t easy for Nicholas:

“harsh words were  spoken, I could see first hand the hurt I caused but I now have much better connections with 3 out 4 of my adult children”.