Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

Our Counsellors


With confidentiality, respect, and attentive listening I work with adults and young people accross a range of areas including but not limited to relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, regulating emotions, and changing negative communication patterns like anger.


The human experience has been an interest of mine throughout my lifespan. Formalising my interest with a Bachelor of Counselling in 2019 confirmed to me that my passion lies in understanding people, and helping people understand themselves.


I chose to become a counsellor because of my own adverse life experiences and personal challenges, which lead me to see the importance of having a strong network of support. Being lucky enough to help others develop healthier patterns of thought and behaviour is something


I have been a fulltime professional counsellor for 9 years. Prior to counselling, I commenced working life as an apprentice & then tradesman. I am here to support, men, women and have extensive experience in working with children.


I have spent the majority of my 30-year career in the corporate world, particularly within high pressured sales environments. I offer support to help people find ways to overcome emotional stress, so that they can get back on track and achieve their goals.


Stuart has a strong commitment to working with men and hearing their stories. He is particularly interested in Narrative therapy and is also a facilitator on our Tranformation 24/7 workshops.


Over my career I have worked with young people in need and spent 15 years working with people in the justice system those incarcerated and those in the community. I continue to work with people who have complex mental health needs and require support to stabilise in the community.

To book a counsellor consider:

  • if you want a male or female counsellor
  • the issue you want to talk about, and any skills you think you should develop to address that issue
  • Times you are available to see a counsellor