Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

Mens wellbeing:
Time to address the issues

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Men’s Health Statement (2018) urges action on men and boy’s health and wellbeing. In Australia:
  • 7 out of 9 daily suicides in Australia are men
  • men have shorter life expectancy and a
  • greater burden of disease
  • the majority of injury and workplace fatalities are men
  • men are disproportionally represented in prisons
  • Suffer higher rates of homelessness and schooling difficulties

Specialised Services for men.

There is much benefit to be gained from working with men proactively in the area of prevention of violence. As domestic and community violence is more often perpetrated by men. MISA calls for both state governments to establish health and wellbeing policies and programs that target  men’s services. For a report card on the Queensland state’s health performance see QLD men’s health and wellbeing stats. To combat these issue MISA strives to be a service provision leader for men’s health and wellbeing in Queensland. If you represent a government body or private organisation, and are searching for information on MISA: Go to MISA report card and areas for development.
“Everyone needs to stand up to effect meaningful change”
– MISA Chair Nikki Ingram

About MISA

MISA supports men in difficult life situations, we walk with them to find a way ahead, even when the future seems bleak, and overwhelming. We invite men of different backgrounds, ages, and situations to access our counselling and support services in order to regain lost control, and build new direction into their lives.