Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk through issues that concern you and address areas of your life where you would like to  change.

MISA creates a safe, confidential and accepting place where you can feel confident to speak freely about personal matters which are focused on your particular situation.

MISA’s counsellors will work with you to help you make sense of your issues, gain new insights and reach your own decisions about a way forward.

What about men who are victims of domestic violence?

There is growing anecdotal evidence of more men as victims of domestic violence. MISA will work with these men to support them through this difficult experience. 

How much does it cost ?

If cost is an issue then please talk to the MISA intake worker as MISA is determined to ensure men receive support especially in cases of financial burden 

In general we charge $70 for couples sessions, and $50 for individual sessions.

We do have trainee counsellors that you can request and not be charged.

How long is the session ?

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

How many sessions will I need ?

That depends on you and the counsellor, your situation and how you are progressing. Some men only need a few sessions, others require a longer period of counselling.

What if I am not comfortable with the counsellor ?

During your initial session your counsellor will be working to ensure that your issues and needs are understood. Please feel free to express  your preferences and MISA will do everything possible to meet these needs. 

Can you work with my partner and me ?

Yes we do couples counselling, sometimes that happens after you have seen a counsellor 1:1 and you then want to work directly with your partner on an issue. Couples sessions are $70.

How do I know you won’t share my personal information ?

MISA is bound by law to protect your confidential information which is stored in a secure location. 

On very rare occasions where someone is at risk of harm there may need to be an intervention to protect your safety, which we will discuss with you first. 

Can I do a Zoom or phone option ?

Yes you can. Whilst face to face is more personal, we have found zoom in particular a very good substitute so you can request zoom/phone counselling.

Q. What if I am guilty or ashamed about my own behaviour or feelings ?

A. Your counsellor, will create an environment where disclosure can take place. In the counselling session you will be accepted without judgement, whatever you say or feel, or whatever you have done.


How much does it cost ?

The cost of the program is $320. Arrangements can be made to establish a payment plan for those in financial hardship. 

Is this workshop just for anger management ?

No it isn’t, this workshop covers a lot of personal skills, and encourages you to gain a greater awareness of yourself. Most men say they got to know themselves better, they were better at understanding what “triggers” them, and that they felt like a better person after doing the workshop. 

Will I get a certificate ?

All participants that finish the program receive a certificate. 

Q. What if I am guilty or ashamed about my own behaviour or
feelings ?

Our facilitators will create an environment where open discussion can take place. Group guidelines are developed on the first week in order to promote confidentiality and appropriate disclosure.  If anything comes up in the group that you wish to discuss in more depth the facilitators will support you to book a counselling session. 

Is it safe?

Prior to commencement of a workshop we conduct an intake session which is about selecting men who are ready to participate in group work.  The assessment is also about assessing your personal situation to ensure we are aware of any particular needs.  There will be 3 MISA personnel on site, and we haven’t had issues with safety and we have a risk management and safety plan as part of the program.  In fact, group members are quite supportive of each others efforts.

Is this a domestic violence Behaviour Change program (BCP) ?

This is not funded under the state BCP system, and operates under a different method and approach. It’s best to confirm with your lawyer any concerns regarding appropriate certification for a court approved program.