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Transformation 24/7

Personal development workshop

Transformation 24/7  is a 12-week session-based workshop for the development of skills, self -awareness, and knowledge. It can be beneficial for managing conflict and reducing “outbursts” but shouldn’t be seen as a “one off” solution for domestic violence.  Benefits can include:

  • better decision making and problem solving
  • improved relationships with others and self
  • Less reactivity to strong emotions
  • more compassion for others and yourself
  • better self- awareness

Note:  This can help men struggling with intense emotions, or looking for more direction and self-control in their life.













Workshop Schedule

MISA has 4 more workshops scheduled for 2021 on the following dates: 

  • 12 May (face to face) 
  • June 10 (Zoom/online) 
  • Sept 2 (face to face) 
  • Sept 16 (Zoom/online) 

Costs: $320 but please notify us of payment concerns to negotiate an outcome.  

Timing: sessions are generally 2 hours long  and during evenings. 

Certificate:   Supplied on request, it will say the course addresses managing intense emotions better. 

To book a workshop consider:

  • your availability and ability to attend consistently
  • Zoom workshops require a private home space for confidentiality
  • You will need to undergo a pre-workshop interview/assessment
  • Your willingness to participate in the group and share  your experience
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