Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

Facts: 2018/19

July 2019 – June 2020

  • The counselling program delivered 2483 counselling sessions to 702 men, women, children, and couples, compared with 1158 sessions to 203 in the previous year
  • Presenting issues remains unchanged with 80% of our clients being males reaching out for support during or post family breakdown which leads to presenting issues of suicidality, depression, anxiety, loss of employment, and housing
  • 6.6% increase in individual clients from previous reporting period (308 from 289) § 11.7% increase in individual client sessions from previous reporting period (774 from 693)
  • Average of 3.6 sessions per client

January to June 2020

  • 93.2% individual clients with Service satisfaction Scores of which 97.9% clients positive in reporting period
  • 67% clients positive in progress against their goal in reporting period

Transformation 24/7
July 2019 – June 2020

  • According to the surveys, 67% of men state they believe the workshop has resulted in sustainable change
  • Pre and Post Surveys indicate there is a marked increase in knowledge and understanding of self
  • Pre and post surveys indicate majority of participants had improved ability to communicate with compassion and a desire to work toward positive outcomes within families and work situations