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In situations where men are facing a major life challenge, counselling can address conflict, and relationships issues, or assist men to take a “deeper dive” into the problem. Counselling will be focused on your needs, however it’s an also an opportunity to reflect on your role, and what’s working or not working in relationships at home, work and with friends.

Counselling will be focused on your needs so be sure to explain what you want. The benefits of counselling include: 

  • better understanding of yourself
  • your recurring emotions and reactions 
  • your personal resources
  • the development of skills
  • better relationships with partners, colleagues’ friends and family 



Whilst most men start with 1:1 counselling, MISA also provides couples and family counselling 

Couples counselling can be helpful for:

  • overcoming blocks in relationships 
  • negotiating a separation

Note: Sometimes MISA provides Zoom or phone counselling depending on the needs of the client, or the situation with Covid 

To book a counsellor consider:

  • if you want a male or female counsellor
  • the issue you want to talk about, and any skills you think you should develop to address that issue, but don’t worry if you are not sure what that is
  • Times you are available to see a counsellor
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