Men's Information and Support Association Inc.

MISA Board

Nikki Ingram


Nikki has over 15 years’ experience in the field of organisational change management. She has worked in a myriad of organisations and industries, across both the private and public sector. She is passionate about the importance of promoting and supporting men’s health and wellbeing.

Special projects:
  • Member of our domestic violence prevention committee

Mark Cresswell

Deputy Chair

Mark has previously been a board member of two peak bodies, the Australian Psychological Society. and the Scottish Drug Forum. His focus is on member training, governance, and service delivery. He is currently the president of the Australasian Association of Counselling Professionals.

Special projects:
  • Education and certification of training products

Matthew Malone


Matthew is an experienced policy and government relations professional. He currently holds a Principal policy development role.  As Secretary of the MISA Board he works actively to support MISA’s vision of a society where men in need can access tailored support.

Special projects:
  • Government engagement and wellbeing policy development

Chris Swann


Chris has more than 20 years of experience in both Australia and on the international stage, He has worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands including: Adidas, Lego Media and BBC World Services. Chris is continuing on from the tradition of his father John who also had a strong commitment to MISA and health and wellbeing for men.

Rangajeeva Wimalasena

Board Member

Rangajeeva Wimalasena has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the justice sector. He has served as a prosecutor, Magistrate, and Judge of the High Court in two commonwealth jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region. He is a strong advocate for the rights of socially marginalised groups.

Special projects:
  • Drawing on his interest in IT, Rangajeeva is driving strategy on technology development 

Tim Green

Board Member

Following a career in the Australian defence forces, Tim now works for Ernst and Young, and recently worked with Health on the Queensland response to Covid 19. He is passionate about advancing MISA’s mission and has a personal interest in the prevention of domestic violence.​

Special projects:
  • Chair of our domestic violence prevention committee