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Josh Plumb

When the challenges of life show up in our lives, having support from others makes a big differrence. As an experienced counsellor, I count it an honour to join with people at these chellenging times and support them through their journey to discover new skills, alternative outlooks, positive solutions, and find ways to create their chosen future and well-being.

With confidentiality, respect, and attentive listening I work with adults and young people accross a range of areas including but not limited to relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, regulating emotions, and changing negative communication patterns like anger.

If life is not working for you right now, please make an appointment, and together we can begin to explore opportunities for a way forward.

Kylie West

The human experience has been an interest of mine throughout my lifespan. Formalising my interest with a Bachelor of Counselling in 2019 confirmed to me that my passion lies in understanding people, and helping people understand themselves.

My approach as a counsellor is person-centred; you are the expert on ‘you’ and I will listen with respect, non-judgement and positive regard. Together we will find solutions that work for you and bring about thoughtful and sustained change.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, recent separation, relationship difficulties, emotion regulation (anger management) issues, or generally life just isn’t working for you right now, please book an appointment and we will begin to explore a way forward.

Blake Spencer

I chose to become a counsellor because of my own adverse life experiences and personal challenges, which lead me to see the importance of having a strong network of support. Being lucky enough to help others develop healthier patterns of thought and behaviour is something I am extremely grateful for

Some of my most valued traits are authenticity and empathy, so my approach is compassion based with a strong emphasis on building rapport and trust within the therapeutic alliance.

The areas in which I hold the most value are areas of helping clients to manage anger, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, better dealing with difficult life changes and changes.

I am very passionate about what I do & my enthusiasm for my role in supporting clients through life challenges is something that I find unbelievably rewarding.

Channara Shaw

I am an experienced counsellor working many years with Women, Men, and Couples with issues of depression, anxiety, PTSD and everyday stressors.

I am a qualified Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) facilitator. Triple P aims to take the stress out of parenting and make it easier by providing practical answers to everyday parenting concerns.

There are different levels of Triple P:

  • Primary Care is for parents with younger children ages up to age 12years old
  • Teens Triple P
  • Family Transitions Triple P

Primary Care and Teen Programs include:

  1. Recognise the causes of common child behavior problems
  2. Build a positive relationship with your child
  3. Praise and encourage behavior you like
  4. Teach your child new skills
  5. Set rules and give instructions your child will follow
  6. Respond to misbehavior immediately, consistently and decisively
  7. Use discipline strategies that work
  8. Take care of yourself as a parent

Family Transitions Triple P include:

  1. Manage the transition through separation and divorce
  2. Talk to your child about divorse
  3. Recognise and cope with emotions
  4. Manage conflict with your co-parent
  5. Balance work, family and play

Scott Kratzmann

I have been a fulltime professional counsellor for the past nine years.

Prior to counselling, I commenced working life as an apprentice and then tradesman, with twenty years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Personal circumstances and experiences motivated me to become a mature age university student and I studied a bachelor degree in social science and made the career change.

I began working in the human service sector in 2004and continued to further my studies and gained significant understanding of a broad range of social, individual and family relationship issues.

My expertise is in counselling psychology and I have a sound understanding of the emotional and relational needs of children and adults experiencing personal, relationship or life problems.

I am here to support, men, women and have extensive experience in working with children.

Stuart Stoddart

I offer a space where you can connect, share what is going on for you and accompany you as you rewrite your story. 

You don’t have to journey alone; in a confidential and nurturing way we can explore your challenges as we build your resilience so you can journey forward. 

With years of experience in crisis support I understand how life can overwhelm our coping capabilities and through counselling services we can recreate our story and our life. 

With proven experience in counselling I look forward to sharing in “Your Journey”.

Mark Colwill

Qualifications include - Diploma in Counselling and Co-Facilitator of Anger Management programs with Misa. I have spent a great deal of time helping those that need support via online chat programs.

I have spent the majority of my 30-year career in the corporate world, particularly within high pressured sales environments. I understand the demands and needs of such industries and just how this type of work can have an impact on individual’s lives, emotions and relationships.

Regardless of your position at work (Manger etc.) I offer support to help people find ways to overcome emotional stress, so that they can get back on track and achieve their goals.

Constant pressure can lead to many types of addictions and make you feel confused, frustrated, angry and full of anxiety.

I am here to listen to what is going on for you right now and to draw upon my life experience within the corporate/sales world to help you find new ways to approach both your personal and professional lifestyle.

I believe that everyone has their own answers, but at times, we all need support to help unlock these answers for a better quality of life and to rediscover your sense of purpose and direction. I am here for you.

I am here to support anyone that is struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Loss and Grief
  • Anger Management
  • Addictions

Juan Herrara

A passion for helping others led me to change my career from engineering to Counselling and Community Work.

Using my experience, training, education, and most importantly; my heart and soul, I love to help those in need.

I have acquired great knowledge and experience that has helped me support great and positive changes in peoples’ lives.

I speak Spanish and loves fitness and outdoors.

I am actively involved in the local school and church, I am married with 3 beautiful girls :)

Simon Hinch

Over the past 17 years I have been involved in various therapeutic roles, working with families, individuals and couples across the Brisbane Region.

For the past 7 years I have been teaching and Supervising at a tertiary level in the Masters of Counselling and undergraduate Psychology program at QUT & USC and provide ongoing industry training and Supervision in collaborative approaches to therapy.

Over the years I have developed a unique and effective approach to the facilitation of change. One that privileges the client, their strengths, resources and innate wisdom and avoids making pathologies of what it is to be human in our present world.

Approaches: I primarily provide Solution Oriented, Narrative and Systemic approaches to change, utilizing both mindfulness and Trance-work as additional tools, while always endeavoring to shape my approach to the uniqueness of the individual client.

Additionally, I am influenced by psycho-synthesis Jungian and other trans-personal philosophies and see an importance in acknowledging the numinous & mysterious in our lives, in whatever way and form that an individual may understand this.

Clients & Concerns: I am happy to work with any individual, couple, family or group and provide services for people who bring various types of issues, from depression, anxiety, life transition, loss, relationship concerns through to performance enhancement and mindfulness training.

B.A,(Psychology) (UQ)
Master of Counselling (QUT)
Advanced Clinical Training in Family Therapy
(Gilead Downs Family Therapy Center)
Diploma of Solutions in Hypnosis
(Center of Effective Therapy & The Milton Erickson Institue of Tasmania)
Advanced Diploma of Solutions in Hypnosis
(Center of Effective Therapy & The Milton Erickson Institue of Tasmania)
Master of Narrative Therapy & Community Work (UoM) (Completion 2020)

Clinical Mem QCA.
QCA Accredited Supervisor
Asso. Mem. AAFT
PACFA Reg: 22282


Matheus Adorno

We all share the desire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life; to feel happy within ourselves, and to face the challenges life can throw at us with a positive attitude.

However, sometimes it may seem like there’s too much for us to manage and the coloured life we had imagined turns into a black and white movie that seems to push us in directions we don’t want to go.

Feelings like sadness, anger, fear, delusion, anxiety, grief and loss can sometimes be overwhelming. 

I believe Person-centred Counselling supports people to overcome their struggles to achieve full life potential.

Through therapeutical practice we can find the healing path that will lead you to where you want to be. I would be honoured to be by your side on this journey.

I am a third year Counselling student at Griffith University, doing my internship with MISA. I also have also completed three years of tertiary studies in Psychology.

I hold an Australian Mental Health First Aid certification and I volunteer in aged care to provide companionship, emotional and psychological support, as well as participating in lifestyle group activities.  

Prior to switching my career to professional counselling, I have managed, mentored, and developed people in a multinational organisation for over 10 years. 

Throughout my professional life, I have successfully completed several courses in management and leadership, creating high performing teams and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

I’m fluent in English, Portuguese and French.

I’m looking forward to putting my lifelong experience and formal education at your service.

Together we can create a better Tomorrow, starting from Today.  

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