Our Vision

To empower Australian men to actively participate in building and sustaining their mental health and well-being that support healthy families, workplaces and communities.

Our Mission

MISA is a respected and accessible service that:

  • provides counselling, information and referral services for men
  • promotes service developments that are supportive of men’s relationship aspirations
  • promotes and encourages men’s active engagement in the task of understanding and succeeding in their roles within their families, workplaces and community relationships.

Our Goals

MISA aims to:

  • provide a counselling service for men and families with relationship concerns that is highly visible, accessible and respected and provides prompt, safe, and respectful support to manage issues of situational distress, financial hardship, mental health concerns, and any area where change would benefit the client and their families.
  • facilitate personal, interpersonal and cultural change through consultancy, education and training for men, women, families, work places and the community.

Mens Information & Support Services Inc.

Phone: (07) 3889 7312

Address: Unit 4B, 481 Gympie Rd
Strathpine, Queensland 4500
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