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Q. How much does a session cost?

A. MISA is partially funded by the Department of Social Services. The full price of a session would be $120, but due to this funding, sessions are available at the cost of $50. In cases of hardship, MISA offers 3 sessions at the cost of $30 per session.

MISA also supports students completing their degree in counselling and often appointments can be made with these students at no cost. The students are on their final stage of finishing their degree and provide quality counselling to those in need. The students also work closely with the MISA's Counselling Coordinator to ensure services provided are of a high quality.

Q. How long does each face-to-face counselling session last?

A. At MISA counselling sessions last approximately 50 minutes.

Q. How often do I need counselling?

A. The frequency of counselling sessions is an individual decision. However, the counsellor will recommend the number and frequency of sessions based on your requirements. Usually clients find weekly or fortnightly counselling sessions most helpful. Monthly or irregular sessions are possible if that is what you prefer.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. You can continue with counselling sessions for as long as they feel useful to you, whether this is weeks or months or years. Usually clients have between 6 – 8 sessions, but some clients continue with counselling for much longer. For longer term clients, progress will be reviewed regularly, to ensure that your original issues are being addressed and that any new issues are acknowledged as they emerge through the counselling.

Q. How does counselling help?

A. Not everyone finds identifying and discussing their feelings easy. Your counsellor will support you find ways to tell your own particular story. Once you have expressed your feelings you are likely to be less distressed and more able to understand your own reactions. Your own ability for working things out may then resurface. Being able to talk to someone is important as it helps you to make sense of confused & painful thoughts & feelings which you may have held inside yourself for a long time. Part of the healing process can involve painful emotions needing to be expressed & experienced before they can be resolved. Your counsellor will encourage openness, whilst at the same time ensuring that you take care of yourself.

Q. What if I am guilty or ashamed about my own behaviour or feelings?

A. Your counsellor, will create an environment where disclosure can take place. In the counselling session you will be accepted without judgement, whatever you say or feel, or whatever you have done.

Q. If I am not depressed or anxious, can I still benefit from counselling?

A. Yes. Some clients come to counselling just because they have an issue they need to talk through with someone independent from their day to day lives, who they can trust in a safe and confidential space. You don’t have to have something ‘wrong’ with you, or feel you have mental health issues, to find counselling helpful. We all need help with sorting things out in our heads and hearts sometimes.

Q. Will everything I say be treated as confidential?

A. Whatever you say in a session will be treated as confidential. On occasion where there is disclosure of risk to yourself or others, a conversation will be had with you to implement ways to protect yourself or anyone you know from physical harm. This will always be a discussion where you have autonomy to be part of the solution. Counselling notes can also be subpoenaed by a court of law. In this event, you will be informed prior to your notes being submitted to the court.

Q. Do I have to book well in advance?

A. Booking in advance avoids disappointment, however, we will always see those in need as soon as we can.

Q. Is your service available to everyone?

A. Yes, MISA counselling service is available to all men, women, couples, families and children regardless of their age, sexuality, race or religion.

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