Transformation 24/7 Workshop

MISA's Workshop for those wishing to manage issues of Anger and Domestic and Family Violence.

Are You...
  • On Domestic Violence Orders and needing to enroll in a course that facilitates behaviour change?
  • Tired of hurting the people you care about most?
  • Ready to learn how to stop behaving in ways that leave you feeling guilty and ashamed?
  • Wanting to address the issues that overwhelm you and lead to behaviour that is out of control?
  • Lacking the ability to manage your reactions?

Transformation 24/7 is a workshop where you can learn about yourself and how to change what isn’t working.

It is also a valuable opportunity to learn skills that give you alternatives to your current ways of dealing with difficult issues.

This workshop teaches you techniques and methods that will allow you to act in accordance to your values.

A certificate of completion is awarded on finishing the course which is recognised by the courts when behaviour change is mandated.


Stop hurting your loved one/s

Manage your explosions

Learn new ways to express yourself

Create a better way of life for your partner, family and yourself

Act according to your inner values

"I learnt about being more aware of other people, and what was going for them."

 Workshop Structure

 Transformation 24/7 is a 12 week course that aims to: 

  • Stop the use of abusive, violent and controlling behaviour
  • Support participants to accept full responsibility for their behaviour
  • Teach techniques to manage intense feelings safely
  • Create and maintain nurturing and caring relationships with women & children
  • Develop skills to manage anger
  • Learn to understand yourself better
  • Ideas on how to build relationships
  • Tools for dealing with anger and emotion regulation
  • Expand understanding of alternatives to what is happening now.

Course Facilitators
Stuart Stoddart, Blake Spencer, and Kylie West

Mark Colwill, Juan Herrera, and Matheus Adorno

$290.00 if paid prior to commencement of course ($350.00 there after)

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"I already expected good things because my partner said MISA staff really cared about men and their wellbeing.."
(Matthew 38yrs)

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