Our Counsellors

Josh Plumb

When the challenges of life show up in our lives, having support from others makes a big differrence. As an experienced counsellor, I count it an honour to join with people at these challenging times and support them through their journey to discover new ...

Kylie West

The human experience has been an interest of mine throughout my lifespan. Formalising my interest with a Bachelor of Counselling in 2019 confirmed to me that my passion lies in understanding people, and helping people understand themselves.

Blake Spencer

I chose to become a counsellor because of my own adverse life experiences and personal challenges, which lead me to see the importance of having a strong network of support. Being lucky enough to help others develop healthier patterns of thought and behaviour is something...

Channara Shaw

I am an experienced counsellor working many years with Women, Men, and Couples with issues of depression, anxiety, PTSD and everyday stressors.

Scott Kratzmann

I have been a fulltime professional counsellor for 9 years. Prior to counselling, I commenced working life as an apprentice & then tradesman, with 20 years of experience...

Stuart Stoddart

I offer a space where you can connect, share what is going on for you and accompany you as you rewrite your story.

Mark Colwill

Qualifications include - Diploma in Counselling and Co-Facilitator of Anger Management programs with Misa. I have spent a great deal of time helping those that need support via online chat programs.

Juan Herrara

A passion for helping others led me to change my career from engineering to Counselling and Community Work. Using my experience, training, education, and most importantly; my heart and soul, I love to help...

Simon Hinch

Over the past 17 years I have been involved in various therapeutic roles, working with families, individuals and couples across the Brisbane Region. For the past 7 years I have been teaching and supervising at a tertiary level...

Matheus Adorno

We all share the desire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life; to feel happy within ourselves, and to face the challenges life can throw at us with a positive attitude.

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