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The 24/7 Transformation Anger Management Workshop

After several years of extensive searching, MISA found the Core Value Workshop. This abuse free relationship course was developed and facilitated by Dr Steven Stosny in the United States with great success.  

MISA has adapted the Core Value Workshop and anger management course to the Australian culture. MISA has been running anger courses for about 8 years now in the Brisbane north area. We have experienced great success with many of our clients in the Brisbane area talking about how learning anger management skills has helped changed their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Anger is a symptom of something else going on inside us, in fact anger is the surface behaviour that the world sees. Often when we feel frustrated or angry, we lash out at the very people we love. Ironically it is those we love the most that we hurt the most.  Managing anger effectively can sometimes be the hardest thing in our lives to conquer, especially when we are going through separation or lose our jobs, having health problems, excessive drinking or using drugs for example.

Below is a number of  questions we would encourage you to read and think about. If you find you are experiencing any of these behaviours, then we recommend our 24/7 Transformation Anger Management Workshop, or at least come and speak to a counselor about some options. Check our Fees page for affordable counselling options. COUNSELLING FEES

 Are You...

  • Getting frustrated and exploding?

  • Angry with the people you care about most?

  • Doing things that leave you feeling guilty and ashamed?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, out of control and confused?

  Do You Want...

  • To stop hurting your loved one/s?

  • To stop exploding?

  • To learn new ways to express yourself?

  • A better way of life for your partner, family and yourself?


The 24/7 Transformation Workshop is a non confrontational anger management program where you can learn about yourself and how to change what isn't working. It is also an opportunity to meet and share with other people facing similar issues and learn from each other.

Our Workshops are designed with you in mind. We have created an atmosphere that encourages open discussion and dialog along with challenges that will help you create empowerment for yourself and your loved ones.

It is also a valuable opportunity to learn anger reducing strategies and models that give you alternatives to your current ways of dealing with difficult issues. We believe in learning a better way to cope with regulating anger than relying on old negative coping strategies such as anger and aggression.

We are confident that the 24/7 Transformation Anger Management Workshop will teach you better anger regulation skills, that will help change your present negative beliefs and negative behaviour.


Course Structure

  The 12 week anger management Course includes:

  • Recognizing your core values

  • How to recognize and acknowledge your core hurts

  • Learning techniques for resolving conflict using compassion

  • Developing skills to communicate better through empowerment

  • Learning ways to help understand yourself and your partner more

  • Ideas on how to build trust in relationships

  • Tools for relapse prevention

  • Develop an understanding that there are alternatives to what is happening now


Course Cost

The cost of the 24/7 Transformation anger management workshop is very affordable.

Please contact our office for more details on when the course is held and cost of participating.

When you have completed our anger management course and received certification, you or your partner are welcome to attend a future anger management course at no extra charge. Yes that's right, you can return and do a refresher or your partner can do the course for themselves for free once you have completed a full course!


 Course Facilitators:   

                                   Paul Baker

                                   Michael Baker 


All facilitators are qualified and accredited counselors with many years of experience in counselling between them.


Triple P Parenting Workshops

MISA has been running the Triple P workshops with individuals, couples and groups for a number of years now. Our facilitators are fully qualified and experienced in delivery of this most important workshop.

MISA is known throughout Brisbane as a quality provider of the program.

The Triple P program helps those caring for children, learn techniques and skills in better managing their relationships with the children in their lives. 

Whether you prefer individual sessions or group sessions we can provide the venue and the expertise to help. Just give the office a call to discuss your requirements. Contact Us