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Our Counsellors


MISA is a vibrant small counselling service which prides itself on having quality trained counsellors ready to help. Because we care deeply about our clients and have a willingness to help, we make sure the counsellors coming on board are equally enthusiastic. 

MISA is made up of paid and volunteer staff. All paid staff have completed their counselling training and have been practicing for a number of years. Our interns are carefully vetted and must demonstrate not only their willingness to help but also their understanding of current theory, best practice and ethical standards.

We support our counsellors because we believe they are here to support you. Please find below a list of our counsellors.



  • Paul Baker
  • Greg Hampson
  • Channara Shaw
  • Hedy Turner
  • Elma Young
  • Michael Baker
  • Mandy Dawes
  • Aileen Oselladore
  • Karen O'Malley
  • Michael Anderson
  • Vinay Nair