What we stand for


Men are empowered to actively participate in building and sustaining their personal mental health and well-being to enable healthy relationships, families, workplaces and communities.

Public policy and community attitudes affecting men’s mental health and wellbeing is influenced by an evidence base and is supportive of new and innovative outcomes-orientated approaches to support.


To provide proactive male-focused support services that strengthen relationships and hope for men wanting to build their capacity to positively contribute to their families, workplaces and communities. Our services place the client at the center of decision making processes which are based in theory while being grounded, compassionate, respectful and authentic.

To influence policy settings and community attuites affecting men’s health and wellbeing by promoting by emphasizing the positive impact and unique value of men’s active role in society and supporting this role through our evidence-based service model and the development of new innovative evidence-based approaches of support.


  • Hope: We provide hope to men in the community by providing judgement-free, male-centric and future-focused services.
  • Compassion: We interact with care and concern to create respectful relationships and promote inclusiveness.
  • Accountability: We encourage individual and joint accountability as all participants work towards beneficial outcomes.
  • Courage: We staunchly celebrate and promote the positive role that men can play in family, employment and community settings.
  • Leadership: We continually innovate and adapt our approaches based on evidence to support men, and use this knowledge to influence public policy and community attitudes.
  • Integrity: We are open and transparent in our conduct and strive to earn and maintain the trust of our clients, volunteers, staff, supporters and regulators
  • Responsibility: We act with diligence to faithfully honour our legal and ethical responsibilities and are accountable for our actions and decisions

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